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"Blue Diamond"




Arozi has quickly emerged as one of the greatest Seascape artists of our time and his captivating artwork is becoming more recognized every day. An Island Boy born in the Philippines to an artful family. His works capture the energy of majestic waves, large sailing ships anchored in the harbors, the sensitivity of colors swirling beneath a full moon, and the spectacular glow of the setting sun.

Not concerned with current fads, Arozi connects us with the Old World Mastery of the brush and takes us to a place and time far away from today's hectic world. Arozi is now reaching the pinnacle of his career. He continues to perfect his true artistic gift. Perhaps one day you'll find the stunning landscapes depicted in his paintings. Until then, enjoy the next best thing, Arozi's Art.

Born to a hard-working, artistic family in the quiet country of New Hampshire, Steve Barton began his artistic career as an eight year old. He traveled to art fairs with his artist Mother, and as a teenager set up his easel beside covered bridges, selling his oil paintings to passers-by.

Barton followed his dream to sunny California and in 1999, debuted his signature wavy frames, which integrate into the work of art and create a three-dimensional rhythmic motion.
Grab a tall cool drink. Sink into an Adirondack chair in the shade or grab some rays on the front porch steps of a beachfront cottage. Experience Steve Barton's calypso colors, pick up on the good vibrations, and get into the groove of an endless summer with Artist Steve Barton.

Heather Brown is a local artist on the North Shore of Oahu. She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with an emphasis in printmaking. Heather is a "green artist," as her images are printed on environmentally friendly, sustainable, Sugar Cane Paper. Also, she uses ecologically benign art materials to create her images.

The finishing touch is her use of reclaimed wood from old barns in Hawaii to make her frames. Most of Heather's inspiration comes from her love for the sea, nature, popular surf breaks, and the beauty of the islands.


Rod Crisp has had a love affair with wood since 1972. After retiring from the semiconductor business in California and relocating to Hawaii in 2001, Rod has devoted his time to sculpting art pieces out of reclaimed koa. While it takes longer to reclaim the wood, Rod's many clients feel good about knowing the artwork has not had any adverse effect on the environment.

Sometimes bamboo and lava rock are used in his pieces. Bamboo is a grass that replenishes itself in as little as two to three years. No worries about upsetting Pele as all the lava rock comes from Indonesia. Enjoy the unique designs of a master craftsman!


Walfrido Garcia, known in the art world as simply "Walfrido" was born on November 23,
1966 in the Philippines. His father, Edgardo F. Garcia, a well known artist and instructor,
came to the United States in 1969. The ability to reach deep colors and transparent hues
were taught to Walfrido by his father at the age of 14. Later, he studied the works of the
"Old Masters" and nature herself.

In 1987, upon Walfrido's first visit to the Hawaiian Islands, he found immediate
representation. His works spread their way into collections from the Far East, Europe
and the United States. Now they can be found in the top galleries in the most desired locations. With 30 years of painting and touring he has sold out many limited editions, thousands of originals and is considered to be one of the top seascape artists alive
today. His style has been described as "Romantic Realism," the blending of photographic elements with the dramatic use of light.


Considered one of the best selling artists in the 21st century, Michael Godard, The
Rock Star of the Art World, has risen to heights that most artists can only dream of. His original artwork can be found styling the homes of some of the most famous movie and
rock stars' homes around the world - including Chris Angel, Ozzie Osborn, Mick Jagger
and Angelina Jolie. He's done 2 album covers for International acclaimed Rock band, Dishwalla - as well as collaborated with fellow album cover artist surrealist, Jim Warren.

Each one of Godard's paintings has a whimsical charm that tells a story most of us can
relate to. His art world is wild & wacky, fanciful fun, images that make us laugh out loud
and go WOOOOO! "I paint with my soul and imagination, not my hands." "My paintings are
like taking a shower; they wash away all your drama, even if only for a few minutes."



NaaDav Wood Artistry
Dave Golston was born & raised in central California. As a child he spent a lot of time at the ocean or mountains. He started his profession in Nevada, doing western wildlife & Native American subjects. He moved back to California coast, and did marine life on driftwood. Dave visited Hawaii every year and
decided the Big Island is where he wanted to live permanently. He is inspired by the marine life, Hawaiian Culture and the native wildlife. Also the wood that grows here is like no other in the world.

The beauty of the wood, shape and color is unique to these islands. He is self taught and has done his art
for over 17 years. All his work is original and done with great detail, on local wood from the Big Island of Hawaii. Koa & Mango wood are his favorites to work with. All pieces of art are original works.  (NaaDav).

From small bronze mini-sculptures to monumental artworks over eighteen feet tall,
Scott Hanson's reputation as a master of contemporary marine art has been recognized
by celebrities, dignitaries, and corporations worldwide. His corporate clients include Ford Motor Company, Excel, Sun Cal, and others. Originally from La Jolla California, Scott now resides in Kona Hawaii surrounded by his favorite loves, the Pacific Ocean and her
inspiring marine life.

He particularly likes the deep waters which are found just offshore from Kona. An avid
free diver, Scott's breath holds have been timed at over five minutes. With this ability he
free dives to depths of over 100 feet to take under-water photographs of the marine life
he later fashions into his unique bronze and stainless steel sculptures.


His painting technique, and his philosophy, can be easily described in one word - light. Whereas
Thomas Kinkade is often referred to as "The Painter of Light," Al Hogue has been given the
distinction as the modern day "Master of Light." Inspired by some of the great Renaissance
Masters like Da Vinci and Rembrandt, Hogue recognizes light as the reflection of nature, of life
itself. His paintings are masterful portraits of life. Hogue spent countless hours studying their
technique and learned how to make hispainting look like they were glowing and radiating their
own light source.

Al Hogue says, "Light is everything in my paintings: Light is both my primary technique and the
symbol of God's life-giving, healing nature. Light from the moon or the sun washes across all my paintings. Light represents Life - the essence of all living things, the spirit of nature."Experience
nature's perfect harmony through the Art of Al Hogue. Follow him into the light, "the symbol of
God's life-giving, healing nature."



Over the years, H. Leung exhibited his oils all over the world, and he received numerous honors and distinctions in many countries. In 1978, he became a resident of the United States and a legal citizen a year later. He settled permanently in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and four sons, including artists Thomas Shu Pong and Richard Leung.

Today, H. Leung is recognized as one of the premiere neo-impressionist artists; a master of the enchanted landscape, dreamy moods, and magic reflections of light and color. His work is exhibited at prestigious art galleries throughout the United States. His first images were published in 1961, and since then demand for his limited editions has steadily increased in the U.S. as well as in Europe and Asia.


Born on October 10, 1961, in Hong Kong, Richard Leung immigrated with his family in 1975 to California. Encouraged and trained by his father, Richard Leung's technique is less impressionistic than the other members of the family, though he too takes his greatest inspiration from nature. He travels frequently to experience different landscapes and scenes, studying forms, lighting effects, and coloring. His work features an increasingly dramatic use of color and a tendency to focus more intimately upon a landscape, producing a smaller image that is full of power.

At the same time, his work owes much to the ancient Chinese tradition, offering a lightness and sparseness of subject. "As with any artist, I paint in hopes that my work will comfort the viewer and transport them to a place of beauty, a paradise where only dreams can take them," he says.



Thomas Leung was born May 30, 1958, in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Inheriting his artistic talent from his father, H. Leung, he grew up watching his father create beauty on canvas, and knew that he, too, would become an artist.

Today, Thomas Leung creates canvases of great diversity: dreamy landscapes and magical fantasies, striking abstracts in bold colors, and pastels of multi-hued iridescence. They all show a masterful harmonization of color and a vibrant vitality. His paintings today can be seen at many prestigious galleries throughout the United States.  


Born in the Philippines, son of the World Renowned Artist Milan, Migvel has quickly become one
of the most talked about new talents of our generation. Nominated for one of the most exciting new seascape artists of the new millennium, Migvel began his artistic career when he was only seven
years old. He inherited his father's sense of style as well as his ability to create awe-inspiring works using just the three primary colors; yellow, red, blue.

When Migvel reached the age of sixteen, his works found a home in the busy streets of Manila.
Now they can be found in art collections around the world. Migvel's paintings present the power
and glory of natural wonders such as dynamic active volcanoes, crystal clear surf, soft tropical breezes. Magnificent motion is bathed in fantastic color and light. Accept Migvel's invitation to hear Pele's whispered secrets, taste the salty surge, dance with swaying palms. Share the Spirit of
Hawaii with Migvel.


The artist, Milan, Child of the Philippines, was given four gifts when he was in primary school; a paint
brush, and red, yellow, and blue oil paints. Instinctively, curiosity led to his discovery of the chemistry of blending colors. Now, one generation later, this self-taught artist shares his gift with art enthusiasts
around the world. Some notable collectors are the Late Dave Thomas (Wendy's Hamburger Chain
Founder) Hollywood movie actor Pierce Brosnan and former Florida Marlins and Miami Dolphins owner, Wayne Hazinga. Whether you're looking at moonlit dreamscapes or morning gardens, his vibrant
colors invite you to relax, breathe deeply, become a part of the scenery.

Milan reminds us that the palette, like an apple, falls close to the tree. Milan's creativity and artistic
style have been passed on to his son, Migvel who was recently nominated as one of the most exciting
and talented young artists of the first decade of the New Millennium.


Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker paints "Low Brow Art" about Modern Tiki Culture. He has worked
in several types of media: writing, penciling, inking, coloring, and editing comic books from
small publishers right up to the industry's leaders: Marvel and DC Comics.When Brad moved
to Hawaii from Hollywood, where he did production illustration for several movies, he started
his own company 'Tiki Shark Hawaii Inc.' and began painting his interpretations of the Modern
Tiki sub culture.

Brad's style is reminiscent of the old Flemish masters, but with counter culture subject matter from a childhood of adoring comic books, cartoons, and Universal monster movies. A unique American culture of television, comics, the Hawaiian craze of the 50's and 60's (plus its re-emergence as hipster-retro-kitsch), all go into the Polynesian pop-art of this new work.


Ben Raquinio is living his passion as an ocean artist and surfer. Since Hawaii is the only ocean state in the USA, Ben is constantly inspired to share his vision and experience with anyone who loves the ocean and its amazing life. He acknowledges the breakthrough art of Wyland and others who "blew the door down from conventional art of the seascape perspective," and believes, "we have to keep piercing the veil."

Ben's foremost passion has always been surfing. "Without it my body goes weak and the mind grows weary. The sea gives me all that is inspirational to see and touch the very face of God who never ceases to create, and when I am bathed in her, then I am where there is no past, no future, just the spontaneous moment of the now. Surfing is the practice of touching eternity."



Charlie Shiroma’s artwork captures the essence of Hawaii in the form of distinctive metal creations. Although most of his sculptures employ copper, his base material is really his creativity and imagination. The son of Okinawan immigrants who came to Hawaii as sugar plantation laborers, Charlie was born in Ewa in 1932.

Charlie’s artistic leanings surfaced while serving in the US Air Force in the 1950s, drawing doodles while also mastering the ukulele. After leaving the service, Charlie worked as an auto body and fender man – a career that spanned over 30 years in both Hawaii and California. On the side, he started creating figurines that depicted people in everyday activities, using ball bearings, sheet metal, and steel wire.

Together with his wife Jean, he started CJ Metal Creations out of their windward Oahu home in 1987. Today, CJ Metal Creations offers more than 250 items that appeal to kamaaina and island visitors alike. Said Charlie, “Craftwork challenges me. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of all the ideas in my head. I think that life begins at 80.”


Roy Gonzalez Tabora was destined to be an artist. Born into a family of painters, young Tabora was brought up in a world where art was a way of life. Under the watchful eye of a loving uncle, his hand was skillfully trained to reproduce what his heart saw. Those early days as a studio apprentice fueled his desire to elevate his art to one day stand among the works of the finest, past and present.

By the age of twenty, the years of training and discipline had produced a highly accomplished realist painter. His quest for excellence continued with a formal education in fine art from the University of Hawaii. Today he is recognized as one of the world's leading seascape painters.


Jim Warren is one of the world's leading contemporary fatasy surrealists. He was born
on November 24, 1949 in Long Beach, CA. At the age of 2, Warren started painting and
then went through the usual string of career choices such as: artist, magician, artist,
rock star, artist, etc. In 1967, while in high school, Jim Warren decided to become an
artist, and a "Rich and Famous" one at that! His fantastic compositions are created using traditional oil paint on stretched canvas, which is first coated with a gesso primer. Only paintbrushes are used to paint with and NO airbrush, as people sometimes have thought.

Warren is basically a self-taught artist, having learned some basics in a high school art
class. In college he attended several life-drawing classes, and kept studying the great masters at museums.


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